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Help me out step by step to setup my PP305BZ PetCam.

Help me out step by step to setup my PP306BZ and PP307BZ PetCams.

1. How do I view my camera on my laptop?

Please follow these simple steps:

  1. From your smartphone or tablet, open the "My IPC Viewer" app

  2. Click '+'

  3. Click the "DDNS/IP Address here" link at the bottom of the screen

  4. Click the "Search cameras in WLAN" button

  5. View the local IP address (192.168.1.XXX:XX)

  6. From your laptop enter the local IP address into your web browser

  7. Enter the Username and Password for an administrator account

  8. Click the "Login" button

If the web browser shows "Plugins are not found, Click me to download". Click the link and install the downloaded browser plugin.


If you are using a Mac, you must download the plugin for Safari.

ALERT: using Safari

with Macs running


FAQ #14

2. How do I add a camera in the My IPC Viewer app?

Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the "My IPC Viewer" app

  2. Click '+'

  3. Click the "DDNS/IP Address here" link

  4. Click the "Search cameras in WLAN" button

  5. Select the Camera in the list you wish to add

  6. Enter the Username and Password for an administrator account

  7. Click the "Connect" button

3. Why is my camera only showing black and white images?

Every PetCam is equipped with an automatic low light feature that activates when there is not enough quality light in an area to present a color image.  The PetCam will switch to Black + White to allow you to see in a dark area or complete darkness.

4. Are there any other settings for the PetCam other than the features in the App?

Yes,  you can open the PetCam directly on your computer using the “Search Tool” on the enclosed disc and it will enable you to see many additional features and settings.

5. Why is my camera movement delayed when I connect to it from outside my home?

If your PetCam is setup to use your home WiFi then the quality of your connection is only as good as your network at home.  In addition, if you’re trying to connect remotely and the current WiFi or Cellular connection at your location isn’t strong, then that will affect how fast your camera will react to your commands.

6. What are Presets?

Presets are how you can position your PetCam in several positions that you frequently look at when you view your camera.  Rather than having to hold your finger on the movement dial in the app and waiting for the camera to move to a zone you can “Preset” a location and return to predetermined positions with just one click. 

7. Why can I only connect to my camera if i'm using wifi but I can not connect when wifi is not available?

On the main screen in the app there is an option on the bottom right that says “About.”  Select that option and the screen that opens up will allow you to disable the “WiFi Only” connection.  You will then be able to connect to your PetCam using your devices Data Plan or any available WiFi.

8. How many cameras can I connect to My IPC Viewer app?

16 cameras maximum

9. How many devices can I use to control my PetCam?

A total of 4 users per camera are allowed.  If you try to connect anymore than 4 you will get an error message that says  you’ve exceeded the amount of users.  If you reset the PetCam  it will return to factory standard and you will be able to choose your 4 users again.

10. Does my PetCam record video to view at a later time?

Yes,  you can enable the Motion or Audio Detection and the PetCam will record directly to a micro SD card you can place in the rear of the camera.  (max 32 gig) While watching your PetCam live you can also record directly to the device you’re viewing on.

11. Does my PetCam track my pet as they walk around the room?

No, the PetCam is not a tracking camera however you can follow them by panning or tilting the camera via remote control within the app when viewing your pet.

12. Is there an app just for Apple devices?


Yes, we now have a custom designed app just for Apple iPhones and iPads.  Download the  "Pet-Peeps" app from the Apple App Store.

13. How do I reset my PetCam back to the way I first bought it?


If you need to reset your PetCam back to the factory standards the way it was on the day you purchased it follow this simple instruction.  For the indoor PP305BZ PetCams look for the tiny reset hole on the bottom of the camera.  GENTLY insert a paper clip or pin to press the rubber reset button inside the hole.  Hold it there for 10 seconds and you will hear a set of musical notes play.  That confirms you've properly reset the camera back to factory standard and can begin your setup process from the beginning as a New Device.  Note: After the reset button is pressed and the musical notes are heard let the camera fully reboot.  After about 30 seconds it will begin to move around and up and down.  This is normal and how the PetCam resets itself.

Outdoor PetCams (PP306BZ + PP307BZ) have a reset button you simply press for 10 seconds.  The button is located at the end of the cables extending from the camera itself.  It's a small white button.  No musical notes will be heard but the PetCam should still be given a full 2 minutes to reset and reboot itself before you attempt to set it up again.

14. I can no longer see my PetCams locally on my Mac using Safari now that I upgraded to Sierra.

Before Apple introduced Sierra as their new operating system you were able to locally access additional settings on your PetCam via Safari that are not available within the app on your iPhone or iPad.  Now that Sierra has been introduced, the plugin required to view and change settings within Safari no longer works.  The Search Tool on the disc that came with your PetCam will display the address of each of your PetCams and that address was pasted into the Safari browser allowing you to access your PetCam settings however the plugin no longer does so and will repeat the message constantly to "update Plugin."  Use the NEW Safari plugin listed here, install it on your Mac and that will fix the connection error allowing you to access all your PetCam settings using the Search Tool.

15.  PP312BZ PETCAM--I want to add my CamHi app to another device. Do I have to load all my PetCams over again just like I did during the original setup?  Click here for easy setup
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