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Pet Summer Vacation Take Them Along

Pet Safety Lady founder of Bark Buckle UP shows what you need for camping or hiking with your pets this summer.

If you could ask your pet if he or she wanted to go on vacation with you or stay in a loud kennel with strange animals and caretakers, how do you think they would answer? We’re thinking “take me with you!” is the likely answer. And the good news is that keeping your pet safe and happy during your vacation is easy with just a little planning.

It doesn’t matter what your destination; the soft, sandy beaches of Florida, or the mountainous terrain of Alaska. Your pet is going to need current and accurate information on his or her ID tags. If your pet gets lost, this is what will help reunite you and them quicker. Also, you will need to have a collar or harness and a leash. For your and your pet’s protection, as well as the safety of others, most states require you to keep your pet on a 6-foot leash. The leash allows plenty of room for you and your pet to walk while also being short enough for you to gain better and quicker control if he or she decides they don’t like what’s coming near them.

And don’t forget the food! We can always stop for a cheeseburger, but feeding that to your pet isn’t the healthiest option for them (or us, really). Packing food & bottled water along with travel bowls will keep your pet full, hydrated and happy. If your trip involves hiking or camping, a backpack for your dog is a great way for them to carry their own snacks and water. We do it, so they won’t mind either. We don’t always think about safety, but what fun is vacation without it? We make sure we pack the proper gear for ourselves. If I’m hiking, I’m wearing a safety vest and hiking boots. On hot sand, I’m wearing shoes so my feet don’t get burned. The same goes for Fido! A Pet Reflective Safety vest will help your pet to be seen by other hikers, campers or rescue workers. And don’t forget their feet, because you don’t forget to wear shoes or sandals when you leave the house. Doggie Boots help protect the pads of their feet from becoming irritated by hot sand or sharp rocks. A dog with sore feet is a very, very unhappy (and sometimes unmovable) pet. If an accident does happen, a First Aid kit is essential when vacationing with a furry family member. Every now and then someone will end up with a scraped leg or a bee sting and if that happens to you or your pet, you’ll want to be prepared. Some of the best vacations will include a dip in the water. Whether it’s in a pool or in the ocean, keep in mind that not all animals are great swimmers, and a personal flotation device or a pet life vest may be needed to help keep them safe. It’s also important to rinse your pet after they get out of the water. Rinsing will keep them from getting hot spots or infections. This in turn will keep their skin and fur healthier. And finally, after a day of hiking, swimming and playing, a good night’s rest is in order. After all, we want to do it all again the next day. Bringing along your pet’s bed is a great way to keep them, and you, happy. "Our pets are a very important member of our family, and with them riding in the car, truck, SUV, RV, boating, hiking or camping our vacations will be the most fun possible with them by our side. Have a great time!" said Pet Safety Lady founder of Bark Buckle UP.

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