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About Us understands that your pets are special to you, filled with unconditional love and a part of your family. Owning a Pet-Peeps PetCam will be a vital part of your life once you realize you can see, hear and talk to your pets anytime on any Smartphone or Tablet.


You can control your PetCam too using our free app and control tilting, panning and recording what’s going with your little ones. PetCams can be set-up for motion detection as well when your pets are with you on vacation and will alert you with emailed photos if motion is detected.


In addition to keeping an eye on your pets, your children don’t have to come to an empty house. You can keep an eye on them as well to make sure they are safe inside your home. You don’t have to know anything about computers or the internet. Pet-Peeps free app will work with your iPhone or Android phone and makes setup easy in less than 5 minutes. Don’t let another day go by without peeping in on your pet with a Pet-Peeps PetCam.


Customer service is important to us because it seems these days there doesn't seem to be any. Our techs are committed to making you 100% satisfied with your PetCam and will take the time to walk you through any issues you might run into along the way.


There are NO contracts, NO monthly fees and when you buy a PetCam, you own the PetCam.


Thank You,

Ross Alan CEO LLC 

Meet The Team

Ross Alan


"Our Pet Community is Everything to Us"

Sheree Abbey


Blake Harrison


"Our pet technology is simple and intuitive"

"Watching our pets from Anywhere gives Peace of Mind"

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